10 Quick & Quiet Steps to Hand
Washing Success

Prescott Kids Learn How to Really, Really, Really Wash Their Hands!

This five-minute video features the creative work of School Nurse Janet Friederick and the Prescott Early Childhood Center Students

he 10 Quick-&-Quiet Steps to Hand Washing Success is more than a poster hanging in the restroom facilities throughout Prescott Early Childhood Center. It's now an instructional video created by the students at Prescott. It comes complete with the "Handwashing Theme" sung to the tune "Row, Row, Row..."

Okay, pass the soap, and let's get scrubbing. Students and parents know that colds and viruses are spread by contact, and keeping one's hands thoroughly clean will lessen the spread of germs that cause illnesses. Don't think you can remember the 10 steps? Well, the photos at right should help, and if you watch the video a couple of times... maybe learn to sing the song, you may be well on your way to clean hands, or perhaps a career in medicine.

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This is a Big Bad Dirty Germ.

Germs are everywhere!

Germs are in the air, on your hands, on your feet, and they can get on the foods we eat!

Step 1 Turn on the warm water.

Step 2 Put your hands under the warm water.

Step 3 One squirt of handwashing soap.

Step 4 Make bubbles using the Hand Wash Scrub. Remember the palms, backs of hands, between fingers, under finger nails, and wash your wrists.

Step 5 Rinse your hands and send the bubbles and germs down the drain.

Step 6 Take one paper towel.

Step 7 Dry your hands.

Step 8 Use the towel to close the water faucets to prevent getting germs back on your hands.

Step 9 Put towel in waste can.

Step 10 Leave no trace. Make sure the room is clean.

Do a good job, and you will be less likely to catch colds or spread germs that cause sicknesses.

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