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For those of you putting memory books together, you hit the motherlode. What follows are links to archival construction photos including the ribbon cutting, early construction shots, and all kinds of stuff like movies!

Link to Ground Breaking

Link to early tour of construction site

Link to early construction photos

Link to early tour

Link to Sneak Peak story, photos and video

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After student meetings and some consensus building, the raptor has become the new mascot for the middle school.

The raptor, or velociraptor as it's more commonly known among scholars and paleontologists, was a fierce hunter from prehistory thought to be highly inelegant, very social, and evidence suggests they formed well organized and hierarchic groups and hunted in cooperative packs much like lions and wolves do today. The raptor was a swift predator that ran on two toes on each foot, the middle toes evolved into razor sharp claws that enabled them to bring down animals much larger than themselves.

Velociraptors were also considered nurturing animals, helping raise each other's young, protecting the females and nests from other predators, and sharing in nursery duties. Their eggs and nests were often found in large organized groups. Theories abound that they were able to communicate among themselves with an advanced vocal organ that they possessed. There are some subspecies among the velociraptor including the Utah raptor recently unearthed in the fossil rich plateaus of the western United States.


Welcome! Logo?

Welcome to the new webpage for the new Roosevelt Middle School! Above is our logo which if you click on it, you are instantly transported to the Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School Logo Download Page.

Take a Tour of the School
Principal Dale Lass in his office at the new Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School is just getting moved in. For a sneak peak at operations click here.
Parents! We Want You!

E-mail Dale Lass if you can assist in forming our parent organization and preparing our activities to open this new school.
· December 2002: Penny Tax initiative passes in the DCSD.
· February through May 2003: Public Planning Task Force meets to discuss planning for new middle school.
· Summer 2003: DCSD conducts search for architects to design new west side middle school.
· Summer 2003: DCSD negotiates to purchase 40 acres of the Siegert property.
· September 2003: Durrant Architects of Dubuque are the selected architects.
· October 2003 through February 2004: Design process undertaken for the new middle school.
· April 2004: Miron Construction Company of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is named as the general contractor to build the new middle school.
· June 2004: Ceremonial Ground Breaking to officially begin construction of the new middle school.
· July 2004: Dale Lass, appointed building principal to oversee the construction and prepare school for opening in August of 2005.
· November 2004: Academic towers enclosed from the weather.
· December 2004: The school board names the building.
Click on the hyperlink to view the website of the architectural firm designing and overseeing construction of the new middle school.
The general contractor for the middle school construction project is Miron Construction of Neenah, WI. Click on the hyperlink below to visit the Miron Website.

Upper Level Floor Plan (JPG format)

Main Level Floor Plan (JPG format)

Lower Level Floor Plan (JPG format)

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